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Barrie Woodward - Conveyancer

For the last 60 years Barrie has been dealing with Conveyancing of both Residential and Commercial properties.

Barrie Woodward

‘1959 No! It’s not an obituary notice it’s more like a service record’. Yes he has been with Hattersleys for many years (he must have done something right).

During the first 4 years he was answering the phone, running errands, and mashing tea. For over the last 60 years he has been dealing with Conveyancing of both Residential and Commercial properties. His experience is proving to be invaluable in being able to cope with the pressures of modern day Conveyancing. Moving house can be a very stressful time for a buyer or seller, let Barrie take the stress out of it for you.

His professional interests are now in:-

  • Sales of property (both freehold and leasehold)
  • Purchases of new build properties and existing properties including those using FirstBuy and other Government schemes.
  • Transfers of Equity – where you are being removed or added as the owner of a property.
  • Shared Ownership schemes
  • Remortgages
  • Buying and selling of garden land
  • Extending your lease where you own a long leasehold property and the lease does not have long to run
  • Purchasing freehold or leasehold property (Enfranchisement). This could be the purchase of the freehold interest in a leasehold house or advising a group of flat owners on the acquisition of the freehold of their block
  • Adverse Possession claims where you are occupying an area of land adjacent to your property and using this as your own land we can advise on the potential for making a claim to ownership of that land
  • First Registrations of title where your property is not registered at the Land Registry
  • Acquisitions and disposals
  • Adverse possession
  • Deeds of easement
  • First Registrations
  • Refinancing
  • Transfer of Equity

Barrie has a good sense of humour and a no nonsense approach but don’t take our word for it. Next time you are buying or selling, or both then give him a ring, instruct him and make your own mind up.

Barrie Woodward - bwoodward@hattersleys.co.uk
Jackie Wright - jwright@hattersleys.co.uk





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